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One of the first steps when starting your web project will be to register a domain. But what are domains and what are they for? Don’t worry, you won’t have to buy a “virtual land”, or become a feudal lord. Next, we will tell you all about the domains.

When starting any project on the Internet, you will begin to find words and concepts of which you probably are not very clear about their function or their usefulness: Domain registration, domain extensions, hosting services, web design, etc.

What is a domain?

Simplifying it a lot, the domain would be the unique and exclusive name that is assigned to your web page on the Internet. It would be something like the equivalent of your car’s license plate, but applied to your website.

Thanks to the domain that you have linked to your website, those users who search for you on the Internet by the name of your website will find you easily and will be able to access your content.


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